Steven Carr and Associates

is a premier air traffic control software developer, utilizing 23 years of professional programming experience - the last 10 years in an air traffic control environment. As a small business, SCAA delivers innovative products and solutions to assist your company in overcoming obstacles and achieving company goals.
While some organizations value capital as a company's most important asset, at Steven Carr and Associates, LLC, ideas are the most critical. The VNC Connector & VNC Maestro are illustrations of the cutting-edge technology fostered by an environment of creativity at SCAA. Seeing what everyone has seen but thinking what no one has thought, SCAA never rests upon its laurels in the pursuit of the next technological advancement.
  • Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Verification & Deployment
  • Simulation & Modeling
  • Information Assurance

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SCAA offers 90 days of free software technical support with each of our products, and offers optional one and two year software support contracts. Technical support is also available on an hourly basis, as well, and can be purchased in this manner throughout the life of a product.

Multiple SCAA engineers were involved in the logistics & installation of a Hardware Technolgy Refresh of the previous Traffic Management Advisor (TMA) fielded system. This involved traveling to ARTCC's and installing the technology refresh and removing the previous equipment in a time constrained schedule.