The Display Distribution System
A unique KVM (keyboard Video Mouse) over IP solution, it converts SunRay desktop units (DTUs) into VNC (Virtual Network Computing) terminals with the use of a moderate server. Multiple displays can be controlled via a single keyboard and mouse, allowing a group of system displays to be controlled by a single operator. The remote VNC Servers do not have to be the same operating system, resolution, or location as the “Display Distribution System” server. Supports Primary/Backup operation with automatic failover capability, printing of display images to local printers, display partitioning, and many more features. Multiple terminals viewing the same VNC server save bandwidth by sharing the same VNC connection! This is useful for overhead projectors and wall mounted displays. Ask for an evaluation copy today!
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Operating Systems
-Solaris 9 & 10
-Red Hat EL 6 & 7
(X86 & X86_64)
CPU & Memory
-16mb per terminal
-min 1 GHZ CPU
-50 MHZ per terminal

Supported VNC Servers
RFB 3.8 & Lower
-Ultra VNC
-Tight VNC
Supported SunRays™
-SunRay™ 1G, 2, 2FS, 3, 3+

SunRays™ Resolutions
-vga 640 x 480
-svga 800 x 600
-xga 1024 x 768
-sxga 1280 x 1024
-uxga 1600 x 1200
-hd1080 1920 x 1080

SunRay™ 2FS (Dual Screen)
-vga*2 1280 x 480
-svga*2 1600 x 600
-xga*2 2048 x 768
-sxga*2 2560 x 1024
-uxga*2 3200 x 1200
-hd1080*2 3840 x 1080

Convenient, low-cost security. A SunRay
Thin Client contains no resident operating system or applications, which makes it virtually immune to viruses and service attacks.
Green is good and ultra-low power consumption is really good. The typical power consumption of a Sun Ray 2 client is an astonishing 4 watts. Compare this to PCs, which operate on 80 watts or more.